Packing Materials LondonLondon Moving Company is a well established business that has been successfully providing services in the industry of removal and moving companies. We have been respectfully delivering quality services to customers for more than ten years now. We provide moving services to not only individuals and home owners but to corporations as well. A huge segment of our customer base has been companies that were looking to relocate their offices. Along with that, we have helped millions of people relocate their homes. We aim to provide quality services at an affordable rate that is accessible to all. We are proud that most of our previous customers have appreciated our high standard of work and have left us more than satisfied with our services. We assure you that you will be treated with the same commitment. So please feel free to call us at 020 8746 4395 for more information.

EU MovesAt our London moving company we have a fully trained and experienced staff to cater to all your needs in the most courteous and friendly manner. We are well known for our welcoming staff that is available to help you in the best possible way. We strive to ensure no customer leaves disappointed. Because of this commitment we always try to provide more and more customized service packages to our customers that best suit their needs. Though we already have an extensive array of options and packages to choose from, if you feel that there is anything else that you'd like or any other arrangement of services, just contact us and we will be glad to cater to your requirements in every way possible.

Our company has been offering company moving services with a very reliable and efficient manner to thousands of companies over the years. When dealing with corporate clients we always personally visit them at their present location to see the scale of work and help they require. We offer special crate services to these clients that are tailored separately for all types of office equipment. For example we have special computer crates that are used for packing all the computers placed in the office. We provide different designed crates for almost all kinds of IT equipments that are generally used in office environments. Over the years we have very efficiently and successfully helped thousands of companies, both large and small, move their offices into other locations in London and around the UK as well. So if you are looking to move your office sometime soon, give us a call and we can come over to talk to you in detail about your arrangement.

Our company has not only been providing relocation services within London and UK but has also been helping people move internationally. We have helped thousands of individuals move their homes in other parts of Europe. Our offices are located all over Europe, thus making it easier for our vans to accommodate any shipment required at any hour of the day. Our internationally trained staff is quite experienced in providing our customers with a high quality international relocation service. Because of this we have been able to develop strong ties in different countries thus developing a solid name and reputation for ourselves in the international market as well.

One of our best and most popular services is the London storage facility that we are offering in our London office. We provide both individuals and businesses with the option to store their belongings with us in our storage areas for any period of time they need. They can use our storage area for short term purposes or even for long term purposes. Our storage area is fully secured with high tech CCTV cameras fitted everywhere, a twenty four hour efficient security system, along with a state – of – the – art alarm system. Whether you are an individual looking for a place to store your personal belongings, or a small or large sized company looking for temporary office space, area to store extra office equipment until you find a bigger place, or any other reason, we offer spacious storage areas that are designed to fully comply by your needs. We insure all our customers' belongings to cover them against fire, theft, flooding, and other such accidents. However we are proud that in the past we have never had to bear any such mishap.

London Removal ServicesHOME RELOCATING:
Personal home moving is one of the most common services that is availed by our customers. Each month we have hundreds of people who are moving into a new place within London, within UK, or internationally to some other country in the EU. Moving your whole house can be really overwhelming to deal with on your own. And this is why where try to do our best to take as much pressure off your shoulders as possible. For this reason we offer an extensive array of options that you can choose from. If you do not want to deal with your packing yourself, you can simply ask us and we will send over our team of packing experts to professionally and carefully pack each item into boxes for you. Upon shipment, if you like, we can also help you with the unpacking and cleaning up. Those who would prefer to do all this themselves can simply hire our man and van package in which we just send over a man who will ship your boxes into the van and transport them to your new home.

Whatever your case is London Moving Company is here to help you. We are just one phone call away, so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at 020 8746 4395 for any queries you may have or simply to book one of our superb service packages.

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