London Moving Company was set up ten years ago and quickly grew into a well recognized and reputable firm in the industry of moving companies. Over the years we have served more than thousands of individuals as well as companies that were looking for help in moving their setup to somewhere else within London, UK, or Europe. We have been providing services to not only the locals but those moving from other parts of Europe as well. This makes us an internally acclaimed and recognized company. We have offices in almost every city of the United Kingdom and have partners in other places of Europe. This makes it easy for us to provide quality service to our customers that is either moving to Europe or from Europe to the UK. Contact us at 020 8746 4395 for further information.

The main goal of our company has always been to provide the best possible service to our customers and to ensure their full satisfaction. We are proud that every customer of ours in the past has left us happy and satisfied by our level of support and service. We do our best to ensure that our customers’ needs are fully met. This is why a large percentage of our new customers come through referrals, or through repeat customers. This is what has largely led to a successful and acknowledgeable name for us in the industry. We train our employees on how to provide the friendliest service to make sure that each customer that walks into our office feels valued.

Our staff goes through a rigorous training program and have acquired years of experience in this field. They have been servicing hundreds and thousands of people looking to move their homes and offices and have become especially apt and skilled in this job. We have specialists hired for each particular job. Our drivers are trained and expert drivers that ensure your luggage arrives at its destination safely. We have special loaders who know exactly how to load your luggage in the van to avoid any fragile stuff being cracked or some delicate materials to be squashed. We promise our clients that they will receive their belongings at their destination in the exact same condition they left it in. We also provide our customers with a team of packers that are trained in the art of packing luggage according to its shape, size, and sensitivity. Our experts know exactly how to wrap up and box your delicate decoration pieces, your expensive cutlery, and other such items that are prone to breaking.

Our customers have the liberty to choose between different packages, the type of service that they would like to have. For those who are looking for the simplest and cheapest package, our man and van service is the best. We provide London movers with a basic van and a driver to ship the items. The size of the van is decided in advance depending on the amount of luggage that needs to be transported. For those who wish to take off as much burden off their shoulder, we offer our expert packers to help the customer pack up all their belongings and ship them as well. Furthermore, we also offer cleaners that will unload your luggage at your destination and then clean up the space for you, which include taking away all the empty boxes, tapes, and other garbage.

Along with great moving and relocating facilities, London Moving Company also offer customers with storage facilities. This means that you can know come and leave your valuables with us to look after for you until needed by you again. No matter how large the size of your storage item is, we can offer you a locker room according. Just call us at 020 8746 4395 to get more details about this service.

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