EU MovesMoving abroad? I bet there’s tons of work to do on your mind, not to forget the whole packing phase. We know just how much pressure and stresses is involved when it comes to relocating, and just double that if you’re moving internationally. Though you must be really excited about this major new change in your life, before you arrive there, it’s actually quite nerve – racking and hectic. Moving locally is not the same as moving internationally because your luggage goes through customs and a lot of other legal formalities have to be fulfilled. If this is a problem you find yourself facing too, you should make the wise decision of hiring an international removals company that can help you with the work. London Moving Company is one of the most experienced providers of this particular service.

We have a wide network of offices and all around Europe that help us collaborate and partner in order to maximize the level of convenience we offer to our customers that require international removals service. We work hard to make sure that your relocation goes exactly as planned with no hassles or troubles. This is why we urge our customers to contact us in advance by calling at 020 8746 4395 or sending us an email, so that we can set up a date to initiate your removal job well on time. The earlier we start, the more time you will have to take things in a more systemized and efficient manner. This will give you ample time to make certain you’re not skipping out any crucial details. You will need to streamline all your fundamental tasks like customs clearance, import documents, delivery documents, etc.

When it comes to packing your all your belongings for moving internationally, the level of expertise and quality of packing just doubles. You need to have more efficient packing material make sure you’re possessions can withstand the long journey and arrive safely at your new destination. Bulky items also need to be dealt with as much care as fragile items. Bulky items tend to be thrown around a lot by customs and other clearance routes and thus are more likely to get damaged. This is why you need to have expert hands do your packing to make certain your valuables do not get spoiled during the shipment. All fragile items of yours will require the highest standard of packing materials and packaging expertise to ensure that they too don’t get smashed by heavy pressure on the boxes in which they are contained.

Moving AbroadIf you are traveling abroad but still don’t have an adequate place arranged for all your possessions, you might want to consider our superb storage facility. You can store almost any amount of your valuables, big or small, in our secure and reliable storage areas, and have them shipped later when you have sorted everything out. You can choose a door to door service or you can choose to take your stuff from our facilities yourself. We cater to all your needs and requirements and offer a secure environment that you can trust. Our storage facilities are always monitored and guarded. We have CCTV cameras installed with state – of – the – art security systems set up. All items stored with us are fully insured against any damage, theft, or loss. We take full responsibility and do our best to offer the best environment and security you can get. You can store you belongings with us for as long as you wish.

If you feel that London Moving Company is a company that you can trust with your international removals, then just give us a call at 020 8746 4395 and our friendly customer care representative will gladly assist you with the rest of the process.

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