Storage FacilitiesWith more than ten years of experience, London Moving Company is one of the top facilities for storage in London. It offers a complete solution for saving area by providing storage units that are hundred percent reliable and secure. The storage facilities vary in size starting with individual lockers for small valuables to complete room sized facilities to store bulkier and heavier items like furniture, equipment, a car, etc. we offer complete insurance that covers every personal item of yours that you have left with us in our storage area. Our storage service is available in at different rates depending on whether you are interested in short – term storage facility or long – term storage facility along with the type of items that you wish to store. If you are interested in this service, call us at 020 8746 4395 to find out more about our prices and facilities.

We cater to both personal storage and business storage. In personal storage our customers mostly need individual lockers or self storage units which are very reasonably priced. Most people feel that they are unable to take everything with them when they are relocating and thus wish to have a temporary place where they can leave their stuff. Not everyone has a reliable friend with whom they can trust their valuables. This is why they come to us to let us take care of their possessions for them until they need them again. When you come to us for details we will inquire about the items that you wish to store. Based on that information, we will then recommend the right self storage unit for you that will make the most out of your money and your space requirements. The best thing about our storage facilities is that they can be readily accessed at any hour of the day and any day of the week. You are given the keys to your personal storage area and you can walk into to add or take out whatever you need and whenever you need.

If your are concerned about the safety and security of our storage facility, then let us assure you that London Moving Company has installed state – of – the – art CCTV cameras, smoke detection systems, and fire detection systems everywhere. Each storage or locker also has its own alarm system fitted in. this is to ensure our customers complete peace of mind. We are proud that never before in the future have we experienced an incident in which we let down our customers by a security negligence or damage caused to their belongings. This is why people trust us and rely on us time and time again with their personal valuables. We promise that we will continue to strive to keep up to this reputation of ours. We will help you in any way you need and deliver the best possible service to you.

Storage ServicesMost businesses require some extra space where they can store stuff like a few extra boxes, holding stock, office equipment for relocation, boxes containing document filing, and other such items. For business clients we have specially created a separate area where they can rent out our storage facilities to use as temporary offices. Most companies need a temporary place where they can shift their employees for work while their permanent offices are being renovated or moved. For such customers, our storage facility is the perfect solution. You can bring in all your stuff and move your employees into our facility for until your actual office is ready.

If you are interested in getting a storage locker for yourself or wish to inquire further details about this service, just call at 020 8746 4395.

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