If you're moving then I strongly recommend that you hire London Moving Firm for the job. These professional and dependable services helped me to get a quick and easy moving day like nothing I've experienced before. The best thing about this company is its prices, which are incredible cheap and affordable! A five star service!

  • Gary
  • 08Apr 2015

As you can guess, living in a small one bed flat presents me with an absolute ton of problems. The biggest comes with regards to furniture moving. Whether it is in or out it can be an absolute disaster. Now I've found LondonMovingCompany I thankfully don't have to worry about furniture moving ever again. I recently called in the team and they did a fantastic job of moving my sofa set to my friend's place. They came in, picked it all up, and moved it on with no fuss. Truth be told, I couldn't have asked for much more!

  • Ashton P.
  • 16Feb 2015

I'd never heard of LondonMovingCompany until one of my relatives told me about how good they were. So I decided to call them up about a month ago when I needed professional packing and unpacking services. Well, just as customer service had told me, the movers did all the work. They did not leave me waiting, they didn't stop working until the very end and they left me so impressed with their work. What a superb company! Very happy indeed.

  • Lizzy Jones
  • 17Dec 2014

I've never been happier with a moving service as I was with that delivered by LondonMovingCompany! Your movers were polite, professional and trustworthy. If you don't have the time to get stuck into packing, then these movers will do all of that for you and for a price you wouldn't believe. Your driver also managed to transport all my family's fragile items ensuring they weren't broken. It was well worth every penny and I'd use you again in a heartbeat.

  • Max Jones
  • 24Nov 2014

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